Trang chủ Leadership Bài luận ứng tuyển European Forum Alpbach 2020 của tôi

Bài luận ứng tuyển European Forum Alpbach 2020 của tôi


Đây là lần đầu tôi viết luận apply một chương trình lớn đồ sộ như European Forum Alpbach. Tôi bí lắm, tôi dành cả tháng ròng chỉ để suy nghĩ, để đọc về kỹ năng viết, phong cách viết luận, về cách khắc hoạ bản thân. Cách đây 10 ngày tôi bắt đầu nghiên cứu đề bài. Tôi trả lời các câu hỏi riêng lẻ, tôi viết tiếng Việt trước, vì tôi không quen suy nghĩ bằng tiếng Anh. Viết cái này đúng là cao hơn viết IELTS 1 bậc. Viết rồi tôi cảm thấy không hài lòng tẹo nào vì nó rời rạc, nhiều lúc mâu thuẫn. Sau đó tôi bắt đầu tìm sự liên quan của những câu hỏi, rồi sơ đồ hoá nó, chia chức năng cho từng câu trả lời, để tổng hoà lại nó có thể khắc hoạ bản thân tôi theo cách mà tôi muốn.

Phân tích đề bài của European Forum Alpbach và lập sơ đồ tư duy trước khi viết.
Tôi phân loại câu hỏi theo sơ đồ trong ảnh, với mỗi câu hỏi tôi chọn một vài tính từ làm chủ đạo đó viết câu trả lời sao cho lột tả điều đó.

Sau khi phân tích xong, tôi nhận thấy sẽ hay hơn và hợp lý hơn nếu tôi trình bày câu trả lời phần 1 theo hướng ngược lại từ câu 1 đến câu 5. Sau khi làm xong các bước trên tôi bỏ bê nó 5-6 ngày rồi mới quay lại viết cho xong trong 2 ngày gần đây. Bắt đầu nhé …

Part 1
Please reflect upon the following set of questions and structure your answers with bullet points:

5) Which talent am I most proud of?

I am always proud that I always light in myself the fire of yearning for self-study, independence, and freedom that no other force can extinguish. As a result, I pass it on to my students in every lecture, every meeting, every moment of their lives.

4) When was the last time I faced a challenge and how did I overcome it?

Life is like a swift river; those who cannot swim will drown. I never let my life become dull because of the lack of challenges. No difficulty is my last. No matter what challenges I faced, I was always optimistic, determined the core problem to solve it. Notice that, the most significant issue people often encounter when facing challenges is within themselves, their spirit.

3) When was the last time I made a difference outside of my academic or professional environment? (i.e. within the context of my extra-curricular and social activities)?

On a hot afternoon, it was peaceful. Many parents take their children to fly kites. Because of the less windy weather, it is difficult to fly the heavy cotton kites. With my flexibility, I used a cheap A4 paper, tied to a sewing thread and I turned it into a soaring kite. More than 100 people (parents and their kids) present that day were impressed by my small but creative change.

2) What will I contribute to the Forum (in terms of both topics and skills) and what do I hope to take away from Alpbach?

I really want to discuss the topic of truth and awareness. Throughout billions of years of universal history, tens of thousands of years of human history, we are always looking for us. Experiencing many transformations, ambiguities, where people are and where they are going. Are there any fundamentals that are immutable over time.

1) What motivates me to come to Alpbach?

I have always yearned to find somewhere so I can give and gain in terms of knowledge, networks, vision, and the ideal of life. My sworn brothers, Mr. Le Hoang Phong, realized that European Forum Alpbach is the most appropriate opportunity for me to express and develop myself. Thanks to his encouragement, I learned and was determined to participate in European Forum Alpbach 2020. Moreover, I want to come to the European Forum Alpbach in August to see how strong Europe has overcome the challenge of COVID-19 in every aspect.

Part 2
Please comment on your personal thoughts about the European Forum Alpbach 2020 general topic “Fundamentals”, and share your perspective on European integration.

Fundamentals is a vast and profound concept. If I followed the purest meaning that “forming the base, from which everything else develops,” I would immediately think about how people perceive the natural world. To me, people see the world through three methods: belief, art, and science.

Since the dawn of time, the human understanding of the surrounding world has been almost zero. Therefore, the first way people perceived the world was belief. Religion is a category of that method. In today’s society, in addition to the law, thanks to the true faith, people can keep themselves from temptations, difficulties or adversities, not doing things against morality and conscience. Later, people perceived the world through another method, which is art. With art, people recognize and evaluate things, situations, and phenomena with emotions, with empathy. Art helps people shed their sorrow, gain motivation, and spread good things or overwhelming happiness. Finally, we cannot forget to mention science. Scientific awareness is based on evidence obtained from experiments. Thanks to science, humankind has achieved tremendous achievements today.

Regardless of how we view and evaluate any phenomenal object, what we each need is always an open mind, positivity, optimism, and respect for differences.

Discussing the European integration in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I appreciate the decisions and actions of European governments. It would be even more wonderful if all European citizens raised the sense of responsibility, with a sense of solidarity and companion, not only within Europe but also between Europe and the whole world. Each person needs to have a rich perspective on the pandemic, at least in the three ways I mentioned above. We should artistically recognize the COVID-19, keeping the spirit of optimism in the same way that the song “Ghen Cô Vy” – a song in the anti-epidemic movement of Vietnam – is famous worldwide. Understanding the characteristics of the pandemic in a scientific sense, eliminating blindness, extreme thought so that no one will be discriminated against because of COVID-19 like Asians, or even Italians used to be like that.

Last but not least, always keep yourself a faith, let’s all agree, without discrimination of any creed or religion. My belief in the universe, the world will easily overcome this disaster.

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