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IELTS Test: An amazing book helps you get a high score in Writing.

Review sách They Say I Say
They Say I Say, a book you should read to improve your Writing in the IELTS Test

If ever there were a faith custom-made for most IELTS Test takers, this was it. Many learners believe that if they have perfect templates with few blanks to fill in their own opinions, they just practice generating ideas and cram a myriad of sophisticated words into the brains, they will effortlessly reach their goals. Isn’t that like characters in Jin Yong wuxia novels just need to practice the martial arts secret to become masters? Whatever happened to their real English competencies? I concede that I used to be one of them, so I tend to sympathize with the patrons of this learning habit.

At this time, I have still learned writing, through templates, of course, but at a higher level, according to this fantastic book. The models offered in this book are learning tools to get you started, not structures set in stone. Once you begin to feel comfortable with the templates in this book, you will be able to improvise creatively on them to fit new situations and purposes. Besides, the book also has a source of quality reading passages for you to practice thinking carefully to identify the author’s argument, and thus to recognize the larger conversation that gives meaning to reading the text.

This book is 800 pages thick. I’m going to take the IELTS Test in November 2020. Is there anyone who wants to become my buddy? This status is the first exercise I have done in the “They Say I Say” book. 

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